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Anatomy of a Boyfriend - Daria Snadowsky I would like to start off this review by saying, Anatomy of a Boyfriend is definitely not a book for younger readers – or for people in general who just don’t like sexual scenes. This is probably already obvious because of the title (and cover for that matter), but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I really enjoyed reading Anatomy of a Boyfriend; it’s a sweet and lovely story about first love and discovering sex. By the end of Anatomy of a Boyfriend, I was actually crying; not overly obsessive sobbing, but tears that trickled down my cheeks. I’m sure everyone remembers the first person they fell in love with – whether you’re still together or not, you know what it feels like; to feel you’re flying above the clouds and that nothing else matters but that person. But can you remember the feeling of losing the person you love? If not, I’m not really sure how you’ll be able to identify with the emotions in this book. But if you do, it’s sure to bring up some emotions about how it felt when you did.

Dominique is our main protagonist and plans to be a premed student in the fall when she goes to college. She has her entire life planned out in front of her and didn’t think anything could distract her from her path – until she meets Wes. I really loved Dom’s character; she was funny, kind, caring, interesting and really smart. All of these qualities I find really great to read about in characters. All of the emotions that Dom felt, were so raw and fresh that you could almost feel them radiating off the page. Even though Dom is seventeen in this book, I didn’t really feel like she was. To me, she seemed much younger throughout the book, maybe even about fifteen years old. Although there were times where she acted more her age, mostly she seemed very young. I don’t have any issues with this though, because so many people are like Dominique – and I believe that love has to ability to make someone seem younger or older than they are. It’s just the way it goes.

Wes is the love-interest in this novel, and quite frankly, I didn’t really like his character very much at all. I thought he was a little bland and dry, with not much personality. Sure, we learn that he’s shy and is a track runner – but that’s pretty much it. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a little more depth to his character, as I really couldn’t see what Dom saw in him. However Wes’s and Dom’s relationship was lovely and the chemistry between them was fantastic. They didn’t seem to do anything but make-out or sleep together in the book, but they’re teenagers – what do you expect? The only reason this book didn’t receive a 5/5 star rating, was because of Wes’s character, I’m not sure whether this is because he’s just not my type – or whether it’s to do with the fact that he wasn’t developed enough in my opinion. Either way, I thought his character let the book down quite a bit.

Even though I’m no longer a teenager and have been ‘of age’ for quite some time now, I found myself quite worried about leaving this book alone in the same room as my mum. Of course I’m not embarrassed about reading a novel with sexual scenes in, but I am embarrassed about the idea of having a conversation about these matters with my mum when it really isn’t necessary. My mum is an open adult and I’m sure she’s come across her fair share of sexual scenes whilst reading her own books – so why was I worried about leaving it alone? I honestly have no idea – maybe I just don’t want my mum thinking I’m constantly reading erotica. (Which I don’t – not that it matters though) As I have no experience in reviewing books that fall into this category, it’s hard to give my opinion on them. The sexual scenes in Anatomy of a Boyfriend were a little dry, but overall were pretty good. However, they did seem a little clinical, like they were written for a textbook – but giving the fact that the main character, Dom, is a premed student – it doesn’t seem that strange at all.

Overall, I thought Anatomy of a Boyfriend was a great read with some interesting and unique characters that I thought were really relatable. Daria Snadowsky’s writing is fun and quirky, but she can also create an air of seriousness when she needs too. I don’t believe this book should be read just by teenagers, I believe even older adults would probably enjoy it and identify with it – mostly because of the rawness of it. Daria Snadowsky is definitely an author to keep an eye on, I’m sure she’ll continue to grow and become an even more fantastic writer than she is now.