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The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting The Body Finder is an absolutely fantastic and gripping murder mystery novel that I found incredibly hard to put down. In the end I had to force myself to put the book down on several occasions so I could eat, sleep and do the other everyday necessities. The Body Finder is full of suspense, mystery and engaging characters – linked together with an amazing and unique plot. I was completely hooked from the first few pages.

When Violet Ambrose was eight years old, she was walking through the forest with her father when she was drawn by a particularly strong echo. Undeterred by this, she follows it; unfortunately it’s not the body of a dead squirrel - it’s the body of a dead teenage girl. Violet has a unique ability; she can sense and hear the echoes of dead bodies, and can be drawn to the place where they are concealed. Each body has a different and unique ‘echo’ that Violet can sense. To add to the ‘gift’ she has, she can also sense the killers, who carry the imprint of their prey on their body.

Eight years later, Violet is learning to deal with her gift – along with her feelings for her best friend, Jay. Whilst Violet is trying to deny her feelings for Jay, a serial killer is on the loose and had begun terrorizing her small town. As the killer claims more and more victims, Violet realises that she may be the only one able to stop him. So with the help of Jay; Violet sets out to try and trace the killers echo – but as she gets closer to the truth, she finds herself closer to becoming his prey herself.

The Body Finder switches between the perspectives of Violet, our main character, and the murderer. I’ve always loved multiple perspectives in books, and theirs didn’t let me down. I thought it was down-right creepy hearing the twisted words from the killers point of view, the killer’s reaction and the pleasure he takes in the hunt. Violet’s point of view was quite the opposite and innocent, making it a great contrast.

I loved Violet’s character, she was so up-beat and friendly. I found that she handled her ‘gift’ really well, where as I’m sure, a lot of other characters may have gone off the rails because of it. Violet keeps a calm head throughout most of the book and was generally a very mature, sweet and kind character. I do wish, however, that the author had gone into a little bit more detail about Violet’s gift and maybe spoken about the family history from previous relatives who also had ability.

As for Jay’s character, he was so sweet! Not only is he an amazing friend to Violet, but he’s cute, funny, kind and caring. Move over, Violet, I wouldn’t mind having him to myself! Jay and Violet grew up together and have been inseparable ever since they met. Jay is fiercely protective of Violet and he definitely doesn’t like the idea of Violet going out to hunt down a murderer.

I found it amazing to read about how Jay and Violet danced around each other, trying to deny their true feelings, even though it was totally obvious that they loved each other. I often found myself feeling jealous of the amazing relationship they had, the connection they shared and the chemistry between them. I also found that there were some really sweet and interesting quotes throughout this book, which I thought helped me connect with the characters even more.

Overall, I thought this book was extraordinary and has quickly become another one of my favourite books. Whilst reading The Body Finder, I was constantly on edge and had no clue what would happen next. I found my heart racing, just as if I were the one the killer was hunting - or as if I were actually there; watching the scenes play out in front of me. I believe the 5/5 star rating was well and truly earned and deserves nothing less – it’s a shame I can’t give it more than 5 stars! Kimberly Derting’s writing is incredible and so easy and lovely to read – I can’t wait to pick up the sequel and read more from her.