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Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver Sam is just your average, popular girl, waking up one day on Cupid's day - a day most people are eagerly anticipating. The evening involves a party which is loud and parent less. On the way home with her friends that night, the best friends; Sam, Lindsay, Ally and Elody are in a car accident and Sam is pretty sure she's dead when things go black. However, Sam wakes up in the morning to the same day, the same conversations, the same party. Sam has seven days to make her last day on earth right, to set things straight, to change what happened.

I'd heard a lot of hype about this book and I thought it sounded really interesting so I started reading it. I have to say, at first, I wasn't overly impressed and was debating about just putting it down. I wasn't sure how I'd keep reading repetition and everything. However, the more I read, the more amazing the book got.

I don't usually like overly popular characters, because they're so full of themselves and makes me want to strangle them, and that's what Sam's and her friends characters are. However, Sam's character develops over the books and she begins to wonder why she's being to mean and rude to people she barely knows and judging people before she knows who they really are. She changes and grows and only when that started happening did I actually like her character.

This book plays with your emotions and had me crying at different points throughout it. I thought I knew what Sam would do next, but her character constantly surprised me and was always doing things I didn't think she'd ultimately do.

Overall, I thought this book was amazing. It's written in a way that makes you actually think about what you're reading, rather than racing your way through the book without taking in all the details about everything. It makes you realise that any day could be your final day living, and that you should make the most out of the time you have and not fritter it away being rude or dwelling on the past. I can't wait to read more from Lauren Oliver, she's an incredible writer! :)