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Everneath 1 - Brodi' 'Ashton From the first chapter of this book I loved it, although I did feel a bit funny about the plot being based off a urban myth or whatever you want to call it. Because re-tellings aren't always my thing. But I am so glad I continued! This story is amazing, and the characters are great. Throughout the entire book I was torn between wanting Nikki to be with Cole one minute, and Jack the next because I loved both of their characters and the amount they both seemed to care for her. I cried at a few points during this book, especially at the end. (I'm just a cry baby when it comes to books in general)

All in all, an amazing book that I'd recommend to anyone who likes paranormal/mythology! :) It's such a shame we have to wait til' 2013 for the second one.. ;_;