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Hidden (Avena, #1) - Marianne Curley I received a psychical ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Ebony has always known she was different; she has violet coloured eyes, can run faster than any boy in her school and heals remarkably quickly. She’s always thought the reason her parents have kept her sheltered from the world is because they didn’t want her to draw attention – but she was wrong. Ebony is an Angel, stolen as an infant, concealed on earth and raised by her adoptive parents. Ebony soon realises she can’t stay hidden forever, and now the heavens have found her – and they want her back.

I enjoyed reading this book, I really did – It had its good points; but unfortunately the bad ones outweighed the good. Whilst reading the first half of ‘Hidden’, I was sure I was going to be rating it a 4/5 star book. However, as the action started and the book progressed further into the story, I was quite disappointed with lots of different things that played out. This has nothing to do with Marianne’s writing; I just don’t think ‘Hidden’ was structured very well at all.

‘Hidden’ switches between two of the main characters perspectives; Ebony and Jordan. As I’ve mentioned many times before in my reviews, I love reading multiple perspective books, they’re incredibly interesting and I love knowing what the other characters are actually feeling, rather than what they say they’re feeling. This was no exception and I thought the chapters were cleverly divided between the two characters perspectives.

Ebony is our female protagonist. She’s sixteen years old and has led a very sheltered life by her parents, growing up in the small valley of a town. I know the author has written Ebony’s character to be very relatable and interesting, but, personally; I didn’t like her that much at all. It’s a bit of a rare occasion for me to find a main, female character that I don’t like. Usually, in the novels I’ve read, the female lead has at least two or three characteristics that will warm me to them. Ebony, however, only has one – and that is her violet coloured eyes. What I wouldn’t do to have eyes like that! Her character isn’t a very strong-willed person, nor is she particularly funny, kind or interesting in any way I had hoped. This is not to say that I hated her character, I just thought she was very bland and unexceptional.

Moving onto Jordan’s character – what can I say? I loved him – it’s as simple as that. He’s lived in the system for most of his life since his mother died and left him orphaned, and has been bounced around in foster homes ever since. Jordan is the stark opposite of Ebony; he’s funny, snarky, sarcastic, strong-willed, sweet and kind. His character was just so full of life and seemed the most realistic and interesting of the three main characters. Jordan’s character proves that Marianne can create a relatable and great character – even if I didn’t like her other characters.

Lastly, onto Thane’s character – I really didn’t like him at all. Thane reminded me of the beach hotties you see on TV, with everything down there and nothing in his head. His character was such a typical cliché; strong, muscular, handsome – someone all the girls fall head over hills for. The romance between Thane and Ebony is insta-love, and I hated it. I’m not usually a fan of insta-love, but there are some exceptions – and this was NOT it. Thane and Ebony’s relationship was way over the top, ‘I’ve just met you and this is crazy, but I can’t live without you – so call me baby’. I really disliked how Ebony suddenly disregarded what kindling feelings of romance she had towards Jordan when she met Thane. I understand that they have a ‘connection’ but it was just too much, too soon in my opinion.

Overall, I liked reading this book, but I doubt I’d read it again. Two of the three main characters were flat and disappointing, but I do believe the plotline had great potential if only the characters and world building was developed more. I felt like it was rushed in many places, where I thought more time should have been spent on. It was also very confusing at times, and I found myself lost and wondering what was happening in the story. I’d recommend ‘Hidden’ to any readers who are fans of Angels; but I’d warn them not to go in with high hopes – it was a pretty good novel – but I doubt it would stand out in a crowd. I will, however, try and read more from Marianne Curley in the future.

A Fun Little Extra
I was lead on my bed reading this book, thinking I was reading Jordan’s POV chapter, until I read this paragraph:
He’s leaving, and my heart trembles. He looks down at me, curled into his chest, and he stroked my hair. His touch sets my pulse racing.
‘Come back to me,’ I whisper. ‘Please come back’.
He inhales a shuddering breath, tilts my face up with his thumb under my chin. His kiss is gentle and greedy, soft and fierce, everything and not enough.
Standing on my toes, I throw my arms around his neck, push my fingers into his hair to let him know how much I want him.

My reaction? “...I’m sorry, what?! Since when did Jordan turn gay?” *starts flipping pages frantically* “Did I miss something?!” I’m blinking at an alarming rate, giggling and very confused, until I realise I’m actually reading Ebony’s chapter. ^^;